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Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust
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The Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust program is an investment service that allows funeral directors to deposit preplanned funeral funds into a trust department of an Iowa banking institution. It is administered by Funeral Services of Iowa, a for-profit wholly-owned subsidiary of the IFDA.

With society turning to personalized funerals, pre-planning has become an important part of a funeral director’s occupation.  The Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust (IPFT) program allows directors to deposit their prepaid funeral funds into a trust that has promising competitive returns and excellent security and flexibility.

The IPFT program works directly with the members of the Iowa Funeral Directors Association in providing a program designed to help funeral directors ease the business and investment challenges of the service industry. 

The IPFT Advantage

The IFDA and the Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust (IPFT) program provide an assortment of services to funeral directors of Iowa:

  • An easy registration and rollover program. The IPFT program has a very simple registration program, with no enrollment fee and simple rollover procedure from your present program. The IFDA will provide all necessary forms and assist you in the transfer of your previous funds in a timely manner to the satisfaction of your clients.
  • Competitive returns. The IPFT has continuously yielded very competitive interest rates in accordance with state and federal statues. The trust also provides inflation protection by not providing locked rates and allowing for changeability. At this time in 2005, the rate is 6+ percent.
  • Complete management system. The Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust and the Iowa Funeral Directors Association provide all necessary paperwork and services for the program. Contracts, deposit transmittals, envelopes, and all other forms and materials necessary are provided for you, and detailed quarterly reports allow you to keep updated information on your current balance. The staff is also available to help or assist you with your account when needed and to answer any questions you may have. The IPFT program also provides assistance with Medicaid/SSI and state and federal agency tax reporting.
  • Immediate claim assistance. With the IPFT program, you can call or fax claims and/or changes to the IFDA office and get immediate results.  A check will be cut the day of contact, and there is only one to two days turnaround on receiving the actual payment, avoiding unnecessary waiting and paperwork.
  • Continuous education. As a member of the IPFT program, you will continuously receive notice of any news, updates, changes, or procedures through IFDA’s weekly bulletin or bi-monthly newsletter.  IFDA also provides members with information and education on other current event situations that could be related to your trust.

Want to Know More?

Contact the Iowa Funeral Directors Association office for complete information on the IPFT program and instructions on how to join today.

Request an IPFT Starter Kit

(available to IFDA members only)

This kit contains everything needed to join the Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust:

  • Enrollment forms
  • Brochure
  • Client brochure
  • Necessary forms
  • IFDA contact card
  • Kidder Benefits information
  • Policies and procedures