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Planning a Funeral
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IFDA strongly urges families to plan ahead in determining their funeral goods and service options. It is important that all members of the immediate family are involved in these discussions and understand why each individual has chosen specific funeral options. This will avoid confusion and misunderstanding at the time of need for these services.

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Establish Funeral Values

Each individual and every family may have different funeral values. These values are based on religious philosophy, ethnic customs, and family traditions. These values determine the funeral goods and service options the family will select and the total cost of the funeral.

Visit Several Funeral Homes

It is important to visit a funeral home in your community that best fits your families individual funeral service needs and values. Funeral service is a very diverse business and profession. Different funeral homes offer different goods and services at a wide range of pricing options.

Obtain Service and Pricing Information

As a funeral service consumer, you are entitled to certain service and pricing information BEFORE funeral arrangements are made and goods or services are purchased. The Funeral Rule is the federal regulation enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that entitles consumers to price disclosures before arrangements are completed.

You should receive a General Price List (GPL), which describes the funeral home’s services and prices. You should receive a Casket Price List (CPL), which describes the funeral home’s casket inventory and prices. You should also receive an Outer Container Price List (OPL), which describes the funeral homes vault inventory and prices.

You should receive a Statement of Funeral Goods and Services, which describes the goods and services the funeral home is providing you and the cost of those goods and services.

Plan Payments Ahead

IFDA strongly urges families to plan ahead in determining how they will pay funeral costs. There are a number of options including pre-need payment programs offered by your funeral home; or, insurance policies, savings accounts, certificates of deposit or other instruments you can invest in or purchase.
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