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Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust
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In 1989, the Iowa Funeral Directors Association established a preneed fund in the trust department of an Iowa banking institution so families could prepay their funerals without worrying about their investment. Today, thousands of Iowans participate knowing their money is safe and available when needed.

Your Money Is Secure

In accordance with Iowa state laws, your account remains in trust until death occurs. The Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust is taxable trust or tax-exempt annuities are a safe, practical way to fund prearrangements.

You Can Change Your Mind

Although it is unusual for anyone to change their mind, the Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust gives you the right, in case your circumstances should change. If you do so, it may be refunded according to your agreement with the funeral home.

You Receive Prompt Service

Not only can you count on your funeral director to be there when you need him or her most, but you can also depend on the Iowa Prepaid Funeral Trust. Experience has shown that the funeral is promptly paid and that immediate answers are provided whenever there is a question.

Have Peace of Mind That Everything is Taken Care Of

Your personal records can be organized now so no one will have to search for your Social Security number, insurance policy, or other necessary documents.

Have Your Money Work For You

Instead of paying for a funeral years later when costs will have increased, you will have taken steps to assure that you will have money set aside to apply toward the funeral you have chosen.

Feel Secure That We Will Coordinate Every Detail  - Even if Death Occurs Out of Town

Enjoy vacations and winters away from home knowing that if anything happens, one call to the funeral home and all the arrangements you have already made will be carried out.

Set Money Aside for a Funeral - Prior to Going On Title XIX

The State of Iowa allows possible recipients to prearrange a funeral, including casket, vault, cemetery space, grave marker, grave opening and closing charges, and other funeral service and merchandise items.